Legal Depositions

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Video has grown very popular and gives you the chance to “up the value” of your case and help bring it more to life! Whether we are in a conference room or on location… depositions, video samples/examples, showing activity (or lack thereof)… let Action Jackson assist you in your case!

“The runaway popularity of YouTube is just the latest example of the power of video to capture interest, entertain and influence opinions. This impact has not gone unnoticed by the legal profession, which has embraced the use of video depositions.
Video is a far richer tool than the stenographic transcript. Video depositions are much more likely to keep a jury’s attention. Moreover, good printed testimony of a credible witness can become great testimony, when seen as a video.”
Tonya Johnson, “Video Depositions: Essentials, Resources”, YourABA e-newsletter

Why videotape a deposition?
As described above, video is more compelling than the written word… one cannot covey emotion or expression when simply reading a testimony.

Does the videographer need to be certified?
There is no standard of certification in Florida.

Can the deposition video be edited?
Yes; whether this is to save time during court or to show specific questions and answers.

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