Online Previews

Instructions for Online Ordering

Generally, You can order your Images in 2 ways…
1) By ordering individual images online

2) By ordering an Image CD (not available with all events)
………. look for the Image CD Logo (may be at beginning page or last page of images),
………. select only the “CD Image” Icon, then click “Order”
………. the “Image CD” contains all the images in the group or as indicated

Click here for the AJK Online Store!
or go to


IF you were provided with a special promotional code, please use that code when you are checking out.
Promotional Codes are used for specific events. If you are ordering images from a specific event that has a promotional discount code, feel free to use this code.


Do not use a code from an event other than for THAT event!
This will result in your order not being processed until full payment has been made.
Any orders canceled, either by customer or by company, due to an improper code being used will be charged a return fee of 30% of total order or $25.00, the greater of the two.

Action Jackson Koontz – Studio & Productions, its affiliate companies, labs, and third party providers are not responsible for orders made using a wrong promotional code.

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